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why are you so stuck? why can't you get out?

cuz love is a funny thing

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what was your favorite part of today

My favourite thing about today was that I got to see so many important people. I haven’t seen or been around a lot of my FAVOURITE people in so long and I finally got that today. It was nice and refreshing like a cool good breeze on a sticky summer afternoon. Bella made me laugh and Siana fed me cake and AH I love my friends. I missed em.
But my favourite PART was waking up. Because I always wake up right before sunrise and I get to watch the light change from gloomy to brand new and it’s the best, most beautiful way to start the day. I opened my window and lit my favourite candle and watched my world come alive and listened to the sweet birds sing their morning songs and it was lovely as ever. But also just this very second, trent just read me the paper that he wrote and I always forget how fucking brilliant he is and I love right now because I love him and the way he puts words together and I am always so impressed by his level of thinking and processing and the synthesis that takes place in his beautiful lil head when he is writing. I fall in love with that dork so much so often and I love right now because it reminds of why I ever fell for him in the first place. I am so happy thank you for this question

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who knows more spongebob quotes Siana or trent


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I really really want personal questions

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